Canteen Management System, meal management system.

A biometric-based canteen management system in Kenya or a cafeteria management system is where biometric hardware (Hand punch, Face reader, or Fingerprint System) is installed at the canteen or cafeteria. This biometric or proximity-based meal management system also uses RFID cards for canteen and cafeteria clocking.

The authorized staff will be required to key in his/her pin to the clock, use a proximity or RFID card, and place his/her hand or fingerprint/card on the biometric device. Once authenticated, the data will be sent to a linked PC nearby with a receipt printer and a meal ticket will be printed immediately in a split second. The printed receipt will submit itself to the chef for the meal.

The biometric Canteen management system process will generate various reports of the staff canteen attendance for cafeteria management and the number of meals taken per day or at the end of the period. A staff member can be allowed a maximum of a (definable) number of times. The option of staff having to choose what meal to take will attract additional hardware, in this case, a touch screen. All meals available will be displayed on the POS touchscreen. A staff member will get to select the meal (which could be multiple). After the scan of his/her hand on the biometric device the selected items/meals will be printed on the meal coupon

Managing the cafeteria menu, meal management, canteen attendance, and menu consumption is less challenging. Automated canteen management software is necessary for avoiding queues by quick and easy transactions at the canteens and cafeterias. Using biometric canteen management or an RFID card canteen management solution, cafeteria meal management becomes easy




  • Network/Intranet-based solutions to handle multiple counters in a closed environment
  • Easy swapping system on the counter with photograph checking to avoid proxy punching (Biometric, Proximity card,)
  • Easy Coupon printing on employee ID card scanning Maintains employee database with photographs, shift-wise and contractor/subcontractor to get an estimation for food quantity.
  • Booking facility for visitors/guests. Contractor/subcontractor wise to get an estimation for food quantity. Booking facility for visitors/guest
  • Daily menu creation by the caterer and also option can be added of request special items.
  • Advance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees on any day or shift can be notified to the caterers.
  • (For event) Special rules & regulations can also be integrated into the system. For validity checking, the same user is not applicable for the same day with the same shift time.
  • Easy to integrate with the company’s existing RFID ID Card System (Proximity, Smart card) and  biometric time attendance
  • Automated Cafeteria Management Process
  • Detailed Reports of meal management Quick Analysis
    Integration with Payroll to Reduce Monetary Transaction
  • Avoids proxy punching Easy Report printing with all the criteria combination
  • Can be integrated to turnstile
  • Can be integrated to biometrics
  • Customized canteen receipt can be printed which can be reconciled
  • Network/Intranet based solutions to handle multiple counters in closed environment Easy swapping system on counter with photograph checking to avoid proxy punching (Biometric, Proximity card,) Easy Coupon printing on employee id
  • Audit trail of meal management, cafeteria management, and canteen management.
  • Menu printing, coupon printing
  • Daily/weekly/ monthly analysis of meals taken (summary and detailed)
  • Canteen wise / shift wife meal analysis and reconciliation
  • Checking on multiple meals and exception analysis

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