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Our SaccoPro, Sacco management software in kenya is the Best Sacco Micro Finance Software provider in Kenya, SAARA reports compliant Sacco software. We provide the best Sacco management software in Kenya. Micro Finance Management Software in Kenya. Specialized software is becoming more and more popular among SACCOs and MFIs (Micro Finance Institutions). Being the most preferred sacco management and loan management system for saccos, loan companies,chamas, and microfinance companies. As compared to a regular Excel spreadsheet, Sacco software is designed to monitor the dynamics of a microfinance organization, chama, loan company, or SACCO. For credit products on our Sacco management software in Kenya, one can enter unlimited products. Our SaccoPro ERP sacco management software is an integrated microfinance and Sacco management software that helps sacco’s to automate core functions such as a chama, Sacco, or microfinance

SaccoPro ERP is an integrated Sacco and Microfinance Management System with several modules that enable Sacco to manage its operations from loan applications to disbursement. Savings accounts functionality, Financial Accounting and Reporting, and shares/Deposits The Sacco software is a simple enterprise financial model for the management of Savings & Credit Societies’ financial operations.

SaccoPro ERP, sacco management software for loans, chama, and microfinance organizations has functionality enabling saccos, chama, and microfinance to operate as per SASRA regulations. From Loan management, Shares, and Dividend management to Customer and banking management, Bulk SMS, HRM, and Payroll are integrated all under one system.

SaccoPro ERP is an integrated Sacco and Microfinance Management System with several SACCO modules. Sacco management software enables loan applications to disbursement, Savings accounts, Front office administration. Financial Accounting and Reporting, Asset Management, shares/Deposits management, and system administration modules

Sacco management software comes with an integrated and easy-to-use Accounting module that manages your financial accounting needs. With the advancing technology in electronic messaging systems, Sacco software is developed to easily integrate with automated email and mobile transaction processing.

The main objective of the Sacco software system is to achieve the following functionalities.

Key Sacco management software, SaccoPro Functional Features include:

  • Simplicity in all System functionalities and Core banking
  • Adequate customer records Management.
  • Quick Access to customer records.
  • Flexible Customer Transactions Reporting.
  • Comprehensive concept on customer Savings Accounts.
  • Complete Cycle of Customer Loans Management through Workflows.
  • Inbuilt Tool for Appraising Loan Applications.
  • Complete Transactions Data Integrity.
  • Effective management of Savings and Loan Products to align with business policies.
  • Financials Management through Fundamental Accounting Principles.
  • Improve your customer care through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities.
  • Complete Financial Reporting.
  • Standard Regulatory Reports (i.e. SASRA).
  • Integration with Mobile phone applications/services (e.g. Safaricom MPESA).
  • Integration with the default system Customer Web Service Portal or your corporate internet website.
  • Powerful System Security and comprehensive Audit Trail.
  • Effective methods of Data Management such as Backup & Restore.
  • Multi-user functionalities.
  • Inbuilt System Administrator functions for 1st level system support.
  • Loans Management
  •   Financial Module
  •   Shares/Dividends Management
  •   Banking Module
  •   Human Resources
  •   Payroll Processing
  •   Client Savings Module
  •   Bulk SMS and Emails
  •   Business Intelligence


SaccoPro is a Sacco management software and Sacco ERP System customized to suit your savings and lending business needs. The following are the system’s benchmark features which are ready for further customization to harmonize and effectively support any demanding business processes.

Sacco Management Software reports

  • Members listing
  • Loans Issued Reports
  • Loans Register
  • Loan payments due report
  • Loan Arrears report/Loan aging report
  • Loan repayment register
  • Guarantors register
  • Members loan statements (PRINT, EXPORT & EMAIL)
  • Security/Collateral register
  • Assets Financed report
  • Members savings report
  • Members savings statement
  • Cash Register
  • Payments register (ISSUES & RECEIPTS)
  • Banked cheques report
  • Unpaid cheques report
  • Income reports
  • Interest analysis reports
  • Transactions journal report
  • Periodic analysis reports
  • Period end reports
  • Dividend payment report
  • Trial balance report
  • Profit and Loss report
  • Balance sheet report,

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