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Office Telephone Systems Nairobi, Kenya

Engsoft Valley Solutions prides itself on offering exceptional IP Telephony, PABX & VOIP Supply services in Kenya. We strive to deliver innovative VoIP & IP Telephony technology to clients in Kenya and throughout East Africa. Our business VoIP solutions encompass end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP phones in Kenya, multimedia services, e-conferencing, and real-time video streaming applications, as well as business telephone systems in Kenya.

Call us for all your Custom VoIP, PBX & IP Telephony Services in Kenya and all your office telephone needs in Kenya.

VoIP and IP Telephony ensure voice telephone communication into your corporate network. PBX System manufacturers have scaled up into IP communication.  These PBX Systems are called IP-PBXs.  IP-PBXs are available to entry-level business owners who opt for IP Telephony. If need to upgrade to PBX for your business, you should consider an IP-PBX.

Telephone System Installation Kenya

Engsoft is the IP Telephony solution provider in Kenya. The modern-day telephone systems are no longer analog phones. Telecommunication has changed with Voice Over IP Phones. The difference between the traditional phone and current IP phones is that IP phones use TCP/IP network for communication, and traditional phones use analog lines to achieve communication. IP phones utilize the same corporate network for both data and telephony.

Engsoft supplies VoIP phones as well as IP telecommunication solutions. Our IP phone brands include Avaya, RTX, Cisco, PANASONIC, Grandstream, NEC, Yealink, Yearstar, Dlink, and Snom,  together with Samsung and Siemens Phones.

Feel free to Contact Engsoft for an IP phone for your upcoming office in Kenya, Nairobi. We supply and install VOIP Phones all around Kenya. Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nyeri, and many more.

Engsoft VoIP Phones make it a trusted VoIP phone dealer in Kenya. We give you the best prices and product quality as VoIP phone suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya

Features include:

  1. Voicemail/call forwarding
  2. DND, or Do Not Disturb
  3. Video conferencing and Audio Conferencing
  4. Call Recording
  5. Call recording
  6. Unified communication
  7. Least call routing

Some of the systems that we provide in Kenya include:

  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Audio conferencing systems in Kenya
  • Tabletop Conference Phones
  • Video Management Systems
  • Voice and Video Network Infrastructure Systems
  • Wired and Wireless VoIP Phones
  • Telephone sets, IP telephone sets, Digital and Analogue telephone sets
  • GSM Integration /E1/ISDN lines
  •  IP Phones, trunks, and  VoIP calls
  • Voicemail  messaging System
  • AVR, Automated  Voice Attendant (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Automated Call Distribution, ACD
  • Call billing, CDR(CALL DATA RECORDS), Call logging or Accounting
  • Music-on-Hold (Internal or External)
  • WAN  PABX, Remote Branch Extensions
  • Call Forwarding to various Ring Groups LCR (Least Call Routing)
  • Extensions on computers or Soft Phones
  • Video Conference Calls and Audio conference calls
  • Fully fledged  Call Centers and contact centers.
  •  Unified Data and Voice Network Solutions In Kenya, with  Call Control and Quality Of Service.
  • Unified Video Calls
  • Voice recording and Voice Logging

Yeastar: Business Phone System & Unified Communications

 Yeastar offers an easy-first business communications solution that converges voice, video, messaging, and applications, supporting both cloud and on-premises telephony.

PBX free trial:

P-Series PBX System

  •  P-Series Phone System · Embrace Boundless Communications:
  • Yeastar P-Series Software Edition 100 User Annual Subscription
  • Yeastar P-Series Appliance Subscription Plan
  • Yeastar K2 Lite IP PBX
  • Yeastar P-Series Software Edition 20 User Annual Subscription
  • Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service Pro Annual Subscription
  • Yeastar P-Series Software Edition 50 User Annual Subscription

S-Series VoIP PBX

S-Series VoIP PBX is designed for SMEs with up to 500 users.

  Yeastar S50 S-Series IP PBX

  Yeastar S20 S-Series IP PBX

Yeastar Telephony Products

  IVR & On Hold Voice Prompt

  Yeastar WCDMA Module

  Yeastar TG GSM VoIP Gateway

  Yeastar TE ISDN VoIP Gateway

  Yeastar TB ISDN VoIP Gateway

  Yeastar TA Analog FXO VoIP Gateway

  Yeastar TA Analog FXS VoIP Gateway

  Yeastar SO, S2, 02 Module

  Yeastar GSM High Gain Antenna

  Yeastar EX30 Module and EX08 expansion card

  Yeastar D30, B2, 4G LTE Modules


IP Phones: T5 Series Phones, T4 Series Phones, T3 Series Phones, DECT Phones, Conference Phones

Microsoft | Zoom Devices: Teams Phones, Teams Rooms System, Zoom Phones, Zoom Rooms Kits, Speakerphones, Headsets, Room Scheduling, USB Cameras & BYOD Kits

Headsets | Webcams: Bluetooth Wireless, Headsets, DECT Wireless Headsets, Wired Headsets, USB Cameras, Speakerphones, Wireless Presentation Devices

Intelligent Room Devices: Wireless Presentation System, Room Scheduling, Room Sensor

Management Platform: Yealink Device Management Platform (YDMP), On-premises Software 

 Yealink Management Cloud Service Yealink USB Connect USB devices management.

H.323/SIP Room Endpoints: Meeting Eye Series and Video Conferencing Room System

EoL Products: EXP39, EXP40, EXP20, EXP38, RT20U Yealink DECT Repeater, RT20, SIP-T SERIES and SIP VP

IP Telephony, PABX & VOIP Supply Solutions

    Our Commitment to service
    Engsoft delivers customized yet cost effective IT solutions, Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS), Business Solutions and Security Solutions to the Public Sector, Businesses as well as Non-profit Organizations in Kenya and the larger East Africa. Our solution portfolio includes the following:

    Biometric Time Attendance Solutions
    Biometric Access control systems
    CCTV Systems in Kenya and CCTV installations in Kenya
    Payroll Software and payroll management.
    Human resource, HRMS software solutions
    PABX, VOIP Telephony and Telephone installations.
    Call management Solutions, Voice Networks Design, Voice Equipment Supply Services in Kenya, Call center solutions
    Document Management Solution software
    Sacco management software
    Bar/Restaurant Management Software solutions in Kenya
    Hotel Management System for Kenya Market
    Asset tagging, Aluminum asset tags and Fixed Asset Management solutions.
    Quick books
    Point of Sale and Retail Solutions.
    ERP’s- Sage, Tally, Business ERP, School ERP
    Networking, website design. Computer networks and solutions
    Weighbridge software for weighbridges and weigh scales
    Canteen management system
    Visitor management Software Solutions


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