Schlage Biometric HandPunch


The HandPunch is part of Schlage Biometrics’ 3rd generation line of biometric hand geometry Time and Attendance Terminals. The Schlage HandPunch records and stores a three-dimensional shape of the human hand for comparison and identity verification. Upon verification, the HandPunch records the time, date, user ID number, and collected time and attendance data for collection by a host computer. The HandPunch can produce an output that can unlock a door and it can communicate with a host computer. The HandPunch also has auxiliary inputs and outputs that can be used to control other systems such as bells and alarms.

The HandPunch Biometric Time Clock handles up to 512 Employees (upgradeable to 9,728 Employees). Optional Internal Modem or Optional TCP/IP Ethernet Board. Add this clock to your existing Time Clock Software or Time and Attendance Software.

The Schlage HandPunch provides proof-positive employee verification combined with the sophisticated operating features one expects in a modern Time and Attendance Terminal. Because of this unique combination of capabilities, the HandPunch provides the most accurate Time and Attendance data collection terminal available.

The Schlage Handpunch platen (Where user places their hand) contains an anti-microbial agent. These active agents are incorporated during the manufacturing process and because they cannot leach out or wash off the surface, remain active for the life of the biometric reader. This material does not change the look or the feel of the product, but it continually protects the platen’s surface against microbes, making it cleaner and more hygienic.


There are a variety of Schlage handpunch models.

  • HandPunch 1000E
  • Schlage HandPunch 1000
  • HandPunch 2000
  • HandPunch 3000
  • HandPunch 4000

Principle of Handpunch Operation

The HandPunch uses low-level infrared light, optics, and a CMOS camera to capture a three-dimensional image of the hand. Using advanced microprocessor technology, the HandPunch converts the image to an electronic template. It stores the template in a database along with the user’s ID number.

The HandPunch is a time and attendance terminal designed for use with time attendance software and Biometric access control. The Platen is the flat surface at the base of the HandPunch This is where users place their hands for enrolment and verification. It has guide pins to assist in positioning the fingers during use

Handpunch Replacement Parts

Schlage Biometric HandPunch Clock Key | HP-Key

Schlage Biometric HandPunch HP-Key works with all F-series Hand Readers. Key for HandPunch 1000, 1000E, 2000, 2000E, 3000, 3000E, 4000, 4000E

Complete Platen Assembly with antimicrobial and blue hand outline

The F-Series HandPunch contains a silver-based antimicrobial platen embedded into the finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, or fungi.

Rubber Keypad for Schlage HandPunch

The rubber keypad for HandPunch F-Series time clocks is constructed from strong lightweight silicon rubber seals against outside elements.

HandPunch RS232 Serial Cable

The Schlage 50 Foot RS232 serial communication cable is compatible with serial connection HandPunch time clocks.

HandPunch Ethernet Communication Card | EN-201

HandPunch F-Series Ethernet Communication Card/Module 10baseT.

HandPunch Main Board, Motherboard

Replacement Part HandPunch Main Board

HandPunch Memory Upgrades The Hand Punch 3000 Biometric Time Clock handles up to 512 Employees (upgradeable to 9,728 Employees).

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