Branded Packing Tapes in Kenya

Variety Packing Tapes

Explore a world of versatility and reliability with Engsoft Valley Solutions’ wide range of Packing Tapes, designed to meet the diverse packaging needs of businesses in Kenya.

From standard packaging tapes for everyday use to specialized tapes for unique applications, we offer a comprehensive selection that ensures your packages are secure, tamper-proof, and professionally presented. Whether you require high-strength tapes for heavy-duty shipments, water-resistant tapes for outdoor storage, or custom-printed tapes to elevate your brand identity, Engsoft Valley has you covered. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that our packing tapes will exceed your expectations, delivering unparalleled performance and peace of mind with every use.

Experience the convenience and reliability of Engsoft Valley Solutions’ Variety of Packing Tapes and make your packaging process a breeze.

Multipurpose Printed Tapes

Introducing Engsoft Valley Solutions’ versatile Multipurpose Printed Tapes, a dynamic solution for a myriad of packaging and branding needs.

Our Multipurpose Printed Tapes offer the perfect blend of functionality and customization, allowing businesses in Kenya to enhance their packaging while promoting their brand. Whether you’re sealing boxes, bundling items, or labeling packages, our high-quality tapes are up to the task. With customizable printing options, you can add logos, messages, or branding elements to create a professional and impactful presentation.

From small businesses to large enterprises, our Multipurpose Printed Tapes are adaptable to various industries and applications, providing a cost-effective solution for elevating your packaging strategy. Experience the convenience and versatility of Engsoft Valley Solutions’ Multipurpose Printed Tapes and make a lasting impression with every shipment.

Quality Packaging Tapes

Experience the assurance of reliability and durability with Engsoft Valley Solutions’ range of Quality Packaging Tapes, setting the standard for secure and efficient packaging solutions in Kenya.

Our selection of high-quality tapes is meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring that your packages arrive at their destination intact and secure. Whether you’re sealing lightweight parcels or heavy-duty shipments, our packaging tapes offer superior adhesion and strength to keep your packages sealed and protected throughout their journey.

With Engsoft Valley’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail, you can trust that our Quality Packaging Tapes will meet your highest standards, delivering peace of mind and confidence with every application. Elevate your packaging experience with Engsoft Valley Solutions’ Quality Packaging Tapes and redefine the way you seal and secure your shipments.

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    Our Commitment to service
    Engsoft delivers customized yet cost effective IT solutions, Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS), Business Solutions and Security Solutions to the Public Sector, Businesses as well as Non-profit Organizations in Kenya and the larger East Africa. Our solution portfolio includes the following:

    Biometric Time Attendance Solutions
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    Sacco management software
    Bar/Restaurant Management Software solutions in Kenya
    Hotel Management System for Kenya Market
    Asset tagging, Aluminum asset tags and Fixed Asset Management solutions.
    Quick books
    Point of Sale and Retail Solutions.
    ERP’s- Sage, Tally, Business ERP, School ERP
    Networking, website design. Computer networks and solutions
    Weighbridge software for weighbridges and weigh scales
    Canteen management system
    Visitor management Software Solutions


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