Biometric Access Systems

biometric access control

At Engsoft Valley Solutions, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of biometric access control systems of all types and sizes, designed to meet the varying needs of property managers and business owners.

Whether you need simple fingerprint scanners or advanced facial recognition access systems,

you can trust our experience and expertise to get the job done.

 Why Biometric Access Systems from Engsoft Valley Solutions?

Biometric Access Systems have become integral to business security systems. Engsoft Valley Solutions works with businesses and homeowners to protect their properties and control access to various parts of the buildings with a variety of biometric access systems. Some of the benefits that come with the installation of these services include-:

Enhanced Security – biometric access systems guarantee a high level of security by greatly reducing the chances of unauthorized access to premises or sections of a premise. It is nearly impossible for someone to replicate the biometric data of persons with access, and as such, biometric access systems are nearly fail-proof.

 Improved Access Control – Biometric access systems from Engsoft Valley Solutions can always be customized to allow access only to authorized personnel and in so doing, restricting every other individual without access. This is ideal for places that require more secure environments such as research facilities, data centers, and government buildings.

 Accurate identification of personnel – biometric access systems will always ensure that those in need of access are accurately identified. The reason for this is because each person has unique biometric data which can’t be falsified of duplicated. With such a system in your premises, the risks of identity fraud or unauthorized entries will be greatly reduced.

Access Control Repairs

In addition to selling and installing access control systems, we also offer access control repair services.
The technicians at Engsoft Valley Solutions have extensive experience in installing a huge variety of access control systems.
We have been actively working in this industry for more than ten years, making us your preferred go-to guy whenever you need any kind of repairs for your access control systems.

Access control software

Engsoft Access Control Software provides an innovative and superior access control solution that enables organizations to protect and control assets, properties, operations, and information.

Access control Software is available with a variety of options and can be either Network-based or Stand-alone.

  • Proximity Card/RFID Card and PIN for in & Out
  • Fingerprint Reader for in & Out
  • Fingerprint Reader for in & Proximity Card/RFID Card for Out
  • Face reader and Fingerprint Reader for in & Out
  • Proximity Card/RFID Card for in & Out

Contact us today for reliable biometric access system installation services in Kenya. 

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    Our Commitment to service
    Engsoft delivers customized yet cost effective IT solutions, Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS), Business Solutions and Security Solutions to the Public Sector, Businesses as well as Non-profit Organizations in Kenya and the larger East Africa. Our solution portfolio includes the following:

    Biometric Time Attendance Solutions
    Biometric Access control systems
    CCTV Systems in Kenya and CCTV installations in Kenya
    Payroll Software and payroll management.
    Human resource, HRMS software solutions
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    Bar/Restaurant Management Software solutions in Kenya
    Hotel Management System for Kenya Market
    Asset tagging, Aluminum asset tags and Fixed Asset Management solutions.
    Quick books
    Point of Sale and Retail Solutions.
    ERP’s- Sage, Tally, Business ERP, School ERP
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    Weighbridge software for weighbridges and weigh scales
    Canteen management system
    Visitor management Software Solutions


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