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Branch Office: Kisumu.

School & College management System ERP

An Integrated    ERP Solution   to prepare your Institute   for  the  future.

  Fast and convenient, automated way to securely deliver services to students and staff.

  The system provides business intelligence about student programs and services.

  Accurate visibility of Students Attendance.

  Ability to enable or disable services to Non-Paying Students.

  System Based controls at various points within the campus – Access to Transport, Lab, Library, Examination and Student Accommodation.

  Centralized  control,  MIS reports  at fingertips   from  any location.

  The  entire   functioning    of the  institute   can be simplified,   streamlined    and  integrated   thereby   improving   the  overall performance   and productivity.

  Simplifies  the arduous  task of handling  student  records  and student  lifecycle  management   commencing   from  enquiry  to admission  and followed  till student  gets suitably  placed and become an alumnus.

  Facilitates  reports  being readily  available for different   purposes.

  Proper accountability   of 3M's (Manpower,   Money, and Material).

   Communication    tools for staff, student  and parents.  Students  feel at ease to login to their  login screen for all information such as attendance,  time-table,   report  cards, event schedules,  internal  assessments.


Registration  Module

Examination  Module

FeeCollection  Module


Inventory   Module

Accounts  Module




Recruitment   Module

Assignment  Module

Alumni  Module

Applicant   Module

Virtual  CampusModule

SMSAlert  Module

WebReporting  Module

Placement  Module

Canteen  Module

FrontOffice  Module

Schedulers  &Reminders  Module