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Biometric Access Control Systems and Door locks in Kenya

Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya

Biometric access control systems are the best and very accurate systems for controlling access to restricted areas and pieces of information. The phrase “biometric systems” defines automated systems that capture a biometric sample like a fingerprint from a given person hence extracting data. Comparing the data with a reference stored templates to determine the real identity and grant access.

Looking for the most incredible access control in Kenya, then you need to start considering biometric access control.
At Engsoft, we have secure biometric systems are and give the very best access control systems in Kenya. Biometric access control uses the unique elements and parts of a human bio and body to identify if to grant access. Door access control can be achieved with the use of a fingerprint scanner. 

Authorized fingerprints are verified, scanned, and subsequently fed into an authorized access control database. A fingerprint reader is a location at the exit or access of the building. To gain entry finger is placed on the reader and authorized persons are granted access.
Our biometric access control systems are utilized in different places.



Engsoft is a verified market leader in Kenya for the biometrics access control solutions, the Employee Biometrics time attendance management Systems, and all biometric user verification solutions. As one of the leading biometrics companies in Kenya, as suppliers, dealers, installers, and key distributors of modest types of fingerprint solutions. We deploy security modules such as passwords, PIN, RFID, HID, swipe cards, MIFARE to identify and verify.
Any access control installer and supplier in Kenya coupled with major biometric installation companies value biometric data. We use devices such as ZKteco, suprema, HIKvision, Schlage HP3000 Hand Punch, Ingersoll rand, Suprema, Safran Morpho, digital persona, Idemia, Secugen hamster, face recognition,granding, Ebio among others.
Biometric Access control systems control security using biometric devices to control access to a secure premise. A Biometric door lock system uses fingerprint reader robust biometric technology to securely lock, unlock your door.


  • Supports fingerprint, RFID and hand geometry
  • Secure credential issuance Integration capability
  • IP enabled and multi-location Visitor management
  • Supports BMS &Web based management

Biometric Access control sytem solution is available with variety of options and can be either Network-based or Stand-alone.

  • Card and PIN for in & Out
  • Fingerprint Reader for in & Out
  • Fingerprint Reader for in & Card for Out
  • Card for in & Out

With its open architecture and user friendly approach, it can be customized to be fully integrated with Time Attendance & Payroll systems, CCTV, Fire alarm, Parking and Elevator control, thereby providing an effective and efficient mechanism for building management.

  • All in one access control
  • Embedded software reduces cost
  • Accessible from any PC on the network
  • Centralized control
  • Scheduled flexibility and multiple roles
  • Scalable architecture: grows with your business
  • Custom reports

Biometric Access control is a powerful and flexible functions make it one of the most comprehensive, robust and efficient access control systems available.

  • Multi-site, multi-tasking and multi-user
  • Anti pass-back
  • Provision for PIN code and emergency code
  • Visitor management
  • Card-holder location in real time
  • Control of the events based on the person the door
  • Unlimited passwords and operator profiles
  • Flexibility to two up additional parameters
  • Presence meters
  • Automatic task scheduler
  • System supports all Windows operating systems.
  • Time zone and authentication management
  • Back-up management
  • Administrative management of the personnel database
  • Data export/import utility
  • Audit Trail through Operator Log File
  •  Built in Report generator

Others include

  • Barriers and Road Blocks
  • Perimeter Security Lights
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Automated Gates
  • Electric Fences
  • Biometric & Proximity Access Control & T/A Systems
  • Automatic Door / Gate Control / Barrier Systems
  • Master Keyed Locking Systems
  • Automatic Alarm Systems
  • Electric / Powered Fence Systems
  • Intercom Systems ( Single / Multi Users )
  • Man Trap Systems
  • Electronic Hotel Locking Systems

Our Range of Access control system:

Biometrics Solutions:

  • Face recognition
  • Finger print
  • Hand punch

Proximity/Keypad/Smart Readers Solutions:

  • Proximity
  • Keypad
  • Mifare
  • Smart Card
  • Wireless locks

RFID Solution:

  • Long range readers
  • Active tags

Visitor Management:

The Visitor Management module enhances your investment in access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge and track visitors. It gives you the ability to generate detailed visitor traffic reports and enforce visitor/contractor security policies. System offering allows you to tailor your visitor management system to best meet your needs.

Enhance security and  professionalism with better control

Whether you are using a paper guest book for visitor sign-in, have lobby attendants greet and check-in visitors, or an unattended lobby, HID Global’s EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) solutions provide comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, badge printing, tracking, reporting, asset and package management, Web-based pre-registration, and employee/ contractor time and attendance

Engsoft visitor management solutions improve security by allowing you to:

  • Identify all individuals who visit your building by scanning an ID and identifying the reasons for their visit.
  • Integrate with a wide variety of access control systems to provide access
  • cards to visitors directly from the visitor management station.
  • Create internal watch lists to screen against unwanted visitors.
  • Use external databases to screen against government denied parties and/or sex offenders and be warned of their attempted entry through programmable security alerts delivered on-screen, or via email or SMS.
  • Enable any or all employees to pre- register their visitors via the Internet or corporate intranet, optionally routing those requests for approval to more tightly control who is authorized to enter your facilities.