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Payroll Software and Management System in Kenya


Payroll Software in Kenya

Our Payroll software in  Kenya is a feature-rich payroll software for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. It supports  payslip emailing, KRA iTax, NSSF and NHIF formatted reports. Pay employees.


  • Comprehensive masters to store employee information (e.g. bank, salary grades etc.).
  • Multi-levels grouping for employees (i.e. branch, department, designation, category etc.).
  • Employee wise benefits.
  • Advanced features to set applicable Payment/ deductions, pension, PF, HOSP. Housing allowance, insurance premium, etc.
  • Detailed HR information for analysis and tracking.
  • User defined field (UDF) in employee master

Main Features

  • Fully configurable to suit any organizations policies.
  • Central client/ server architecture.
  • Multi company, Multi-user, Multi-location.
  • Supports all network infrastructures.
  • SQL SERVER database.
  • Handles both regular and casual employees.
  • Easy to use design.
  • Completely parameterized system to suite TAX regulations.
  • Toggle between the months to review / print any historic data.
  • Approved with relevant tax authorities for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Nigeria etc.
  • Seamless integration with Time attendance, Human Resources and various Accounting ERP systems.
  • Supports full third party software integration.
  • User Defined Payments/ Deductions.
  • Exports payroll reports to Excel, CSV and PDF.
  • One step backup and restore.
  • User Defined Statutory Tables for NHIF, monthly/ yearly income tax NSSF etc.

Security Level

  • Role based security.
  • Policy based processing of salaries (i.e. Branch, Departments, Designation and Category).
  • Controlled access to reports.

Leave Management

  • Various leaves definition e.g. annual leaves, sick leaves, study leaves, etc.
  • Specify employee wise leave opening balance as on particular month.
  • Leave application processing & leave encashment handling.
  • Leave details printing on pay slip.

Payment and Deduction

  • Custom payment/deduction. Users can create virtually unlimited payment/deductions as per their needs.
  • Fixed, Rate Based, Piece Rate based, Variable
  • payment & Standard payment.
  • Calculated (formula based).
  • Slab Based (e.g. sales commission, target).
  • Easy to use payment/deduction entry screen for monthly inputs.

Payroll management

  • Maintain Cumulative Balances for pension.
  • Option to specify voluntary NSSF, Pension etc.
  • Maintain details of various benefits e.g. Motor vehicle details etc.
  • One click process to calculate employee payslip.
  • Salary revision module to calculate arrears automatically.
  • Revision effective from past or current dates, fixed amount, percentage etc.
  • In built user defined payslip message for greetings, notices, etc.


  • In built Analysis & Statutory Reports.
  • Monthly Statutory Reports. E.g. NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, etc.
  • Loan/ Saving Reports with Cumulative.
  • Pension / PF/ HOSP Reports with Cumulative.
  • Coinage Analysis for Net Pay/ Advances.
  • Salary / Cheque/ Cash Payment Reports.
  • Payroll Summary Report.
  • Total Company Payroll Report (Full or Department wise).
  • Various User Defined Payments/ Deductions.
  • Negative Salary Report.
  • Year to Date Analysis.
  • Leave Reports (i.e. Leaves Taken, Due Leaves, Leave Encashment History etc).
  • All Statutory Reports as per Country Specification Regulations.
  • Compatible with Online Submission of Statutory Reports.