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Asset tagging,Asset tags and Fixed Asset Management Software Solutions in Kenya

Fixed Asset Tagging in Kenya. Fixed Asset Management Software in Kenya. Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags in Kenya

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Flexible, accurate asset management and reporting tool used to manage,  track and support all depreciation  compliance  reporting and planning needs. It will improve your fixed and mobile asset life cycle management bottom line by eliminating  duplicated  tasks and encouraging  total asset  visibility.

 Asset register development,Itemization, Verification and Reconciliation Groundwork-Inventory and fixed asset register creation.

  • Itemization-Asset tagging/bar-coding- uniquely identification of every single asset.
  • Physical Verification of assets-Matching of all assets records.
  • Allocation of asset values.
  • Reconciliation of the newly updated fixed asset registers with the company’s accounting system
  • Integration with the existing accounting system.


Fixed Asset Tagging, Fixed Asset Management Software,Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags suite

Comprehensive asset management 
When it comes time to inventory your corporate assets, Engsoft’s Asset Management Suite provides all the functionality your corporate organization requires, including: customizable reports, check in/out, printing & scanning barcodes. Keep track of all the assets your organization has, and manage costs associated with each asset.

Overview of Asset Management solutions
Our Fixed Asset Tagging, Fixed Asset Management Software, Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags suite provides corporate finance professionals and institutional decision-makers with the capacity to maintain record-keeping on both fixed and portable possessions, allowing detailed information to be stored against each asset. Portable assets can be recorded using the latest Pocket PC technology: enabling new, transferred and disposed assets to be updated in the system.
Our Smart Asset Management Solution provides “cradle to grave” fixed asset management solution with ability to track every aspect of the asset’s life from initial budget proposal through to final disposal. This solution consists of a core asset management module and elective modules catering for purchasing, tagging and depreciation computations.

Powerful and easy to use!
In spite of its comprehensive features, is easy to use and has a modest learning curve due to the intuitive layout of the software.

Saves your time!
Our Smart Asset Management Solution not only streamlines your fixed asset management tasks , but also enables you to exercise effective control with efficient and effortless reporting on summarized and detailed movements in fixed assets.

Easy Asset Setup
The Smart Asset Suite lets you create and manage an unlimited number of assets for multiple companies, with varied rates.

Intuitive Interface
Easy Access to asset information using an intuitive graphical user interface with one button access to all critical information.

Gives you control
Our Smart Asset Management Solution gives you complete control of your assets with easily accessible information on its initial cost, location, accumulated depreciation, estimated useful life, and insured value.

Asset Categories
Our Fixed Asset Tagging, Fixed Asset Management Software, Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags suite enables you to set defaults for a group of assets, as well as define and pre-set.

Why does Your corporate organization Need Asset tagging?

Asset tags are an incredibly valuable resource for entities with physical assets that must be inventoried, monitored and tracked. With asset tags, the burden of physical record-keeping is drastically reduced, leaving less room for human error and vastly improving the accuracy of your documentation.
Physical asset monitoring: Track your company’s physical assets and resources with ease.
Automate inventory control: Combined with an asset tracking software application, asset ID labels streamline the otherwise stressful task of inventory management. With every scan, your records are up-to-date and accurate—pull up inventory status, plan re-orders and schedule deliveries with a few clicks.
Precise maintenance management: Many organizations rely on physical assets to perform services. Automate your maintenance management control processes and maintain accurate records on repairs, replacement scheduling and standard maintenance and calibration.
Loss prevention: Asset tags are extremely useful for deterring theft. Engsoft Valley Solutions Tamper-Evident Polyester Labels, for instance, can quickly alert inventory control managers of attempts at theft and unauthorized transfers.

Features & Characteristics
Depreciation Management
With our Smart Asset Management Solution, it’s possible to use depreciation methods as straight line, or written down value and forecast your depreciation expenses for each asset, category of asset or group of assets, for budgeting purposes.
Insurance Management
Feature to scan insurance policies and tag to respective asset or a group of assets with an option to capture pertinent information such as expiry dates and set reminders for expiry dates.
Asset Review
Option to view and analyze in-depth information about assets such as purchase details, asset account, maintenance history, details of up gradation, if any and details of sale, disposal , including an option to drill down to the originating transaction.
Asset Value
Fixed Asset Tagging, Fixed Asset Management Software, Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags suite allows you to manage assets with powerful tools for adding or changing assets.
Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tagging, Fixed Asset Management Software, Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags suite has the ability to track each asset with information on what asset the company owns, who’s using them and in what department / location, using wide range of hand held devices with bar code technology.
Barcode and RFID integration
Barcode labels and RFID tags can be fixed on any asset and this can be used for asset tracking and asset reconciliation. Our Smart Asset Management Solution has an option to print the barcode list. This can be tracked by RFID or barcode hand held reader/scanner.
Graphics and Imaging
Fixed Asset Tagging, Fixed Asset Management Software, Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags suite presents an easy-to-use Graphics Generator system that provides users with instant pictorial representations of all asset information from equipment performance graphs, to pie, line and area charts, etc.
Graphics can be used to display photo images for referencing and insurance purposes of asset types, buildings, floor plans or even personnel.

Our fixed asset tagging solutions include the following


  1. Anodized aluminum, barcoded/QR coded asset tags with acetone activated adhesive
  2. Anodized aluminum, barcode/QR coded self-sticking asset tags
  3. Supply barcode and QR code readers in Kenya
  4. Fixed asset tagging services, fixed asset register development, asset marking, asset engraving, fixed asset verification, and reconciliation services
  5. Asset verification and asset audit. Asset register in excel or software.
  6. Offer training on how to tag fixed assets and fixed asset tagging best practices
  7. Asset management software. Asset software configuration and installation
  8. Supply of asset barcode scanners and asset data collectors. USB barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners,3G/4G barcode scanners.