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Bar & Restaurant POS and Management Software in Kenya

  Bar & Restaurant Management POS and Software in Kenya


Here are some highlights of Bar and restaurant POS :

Remarkable Flexibility
Restaurant POS can be installed and excel in your establishment regardless of the concept.  POS can easily handle table service, quick service, drive-through, delivery, catering, bars, nightclubs, stadiums, theme parks, basically anywhere you serve food and drink F POS can help you do it more efficiently.

Advanced Inventory
A complete management of your Stores.

  • Purchasing controls
  • Maintenance of minimum stock levels
  • Purchase price controls , Issues from Stores to Kitchen and bar

Membership & Loyalty
Look forward to driving more business from your best customer with strong customer loyalty tools, that give you the ability to track your customers' usage, create marketing promotional programs, award rewards & manage coupons based on the products they purchase.

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs can bring great value to your restaurant. By enticing guests to visit more often and to spend more with each visit, a loyalty program can deliver exceptional financial returns. There are many different types of loyalty programs and several different loyalty programs may work for your restaurants.

Another advantage of frequency programs: speed.  Restaurant POS enables you to track activity and issue.

  • Labour Management 
  • Credit Card Management
  • Time and Attendance 
  • Reservations 
  • Table Management 
  • Take Away Module 
  • Delivery Module 
  • On Line Ordering 
  • Happy Hour & Special Pricing
  • Ingredient Tracking